What happens of I am denied on my NICS Background check??


Unfortunately you will not be able to take possesion of the firearm.  We will then have to decide what road we go from there.  We will have to sell it to somebody who can pass the background check for what we can get for it.  Please understand that I have no control over the results of the FBI's NICS system.  But I do have to follow the law in order to stay in business.  In most cases, you should know if there is anything in your past that would make you unable to lawfully own a gun. 

What happens if I am Delayed on my NICS Background Check?

This happens and can be a pain, but here is what happens.  If you recieve a "delay", then the NICS has three business days (NICS business days, not mine, so more like 4 or 5) then you will have to wait on a decision from NICS as to if you are proceed or denied.  If after the waiting period NICS has not "denied" you, then you can complete the transfer.  Again, Please understand that I have no control over NICS.

Will you do (insert illegal activity her)??

Hell no, I am not going to go to prison for you.  Period.  I may have a great distain for gun control laws and tyrannical government, but unfortunately it is the reality we live in.

What Kind of Awesome Price Can You Get Me On Rifle/Pistol Such and Such??

The exact same price you can.  The truth is there is no big markup on firearms.  The price I pay is exactly the same as the price you pay when you look up a firearm on line.  The only people who get a serious discount are wholesalers who purchase thousands of guns monthly.  This is why I am not a retail gun store, and do not carry an inventory of guns for sale.


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