LuderCo Arms LLC provides the following services

FFL Transfer Services for South Carolina Residents

What is this and how does it work??  Lets say you see a firearm for sale on a website such as, or on an auction site like Gunbroker and you want to buy it or make a bid.  It is illegal for them to ship the firearm directly to you.  But you can buy (or win an auction) and have it shipped to your local FFL (that's me).  When your firearm arrives at my door, I will notify you, you will come over, we will do the paper work and the government National Instant Check System (NICS) background check.  If it all checks out, you pay me a small fee for doing the paperwork and check, and you take your firearm home. (see the FAQ page about what happens if you do not pass the NICS check)


Fees for this service are as follows --


Normal Transfer Fee -- $25.00


I give a $5.00 discount if you have a valid SC CWP.


I give a $5.00 discount for Veterans, active duty, and First Responders.




FFL Transfer Service for SC Residents from a dealer in Augusta, GA (Pistols)

As a resident of South Carolina, you can buy a rifle or shotgun from any retailer in Georgia.  BUT, you can not buy a pistol in a state other than South Carolina.  Silly, but it is the law.  However, I live just 15 minutes from Augusta Georgia.  If you find a pistol you want to purchase in Augusta, call me and we can arrange to meet at the retailer (Cabelas or a Gun Show for instance).  You will pay for your firearm.  They will transfer it to me, the FFL dealer.  We will then travel to my home, where we will do the transfer.  (See FFL transfer above).  The fee will be the same as above, plus a nominal amount for my time and fuel to do the transfer.

Gunsmithing Services

When it comes to gunsmithing services, there is such a wide variety of work that it would be impossible to cover it all here.  But here are some highlights.  Gun cleaning, gun repair, stock repair, mounting a scope with gun specific mounts, zeroing a scope, ect.

A few things that I do not offer --  barrel threading.  I hope to offer this in the future.

Rest assured that I will not attempt any work that I am not 100% confident in providing.  I know what I can do, and I also know when to say I can't do it.  I will never "experiment" or "practice" on your prized firearms.

Contact me with the details of any job and lets see what we can work out.

Military Rifle Repair and Restoration

This is truly my specialty and where my knowledge base and passion are.  WWI, WWII, old or new, I love to bring old war horses back to life.  I can repair them, remove years of cosmoline, oil, grease, grit, and grime.  In many cases I can bring back a rifle that has been "customized" (ruined) by a previous owner and make it look like the day it went to the trenches.

Grandpa's Old Rifles

This service is for those folks who through inheritance or circumstance have come into possesion of guns that they either do not want or do not like.  Please allow me to help you find good homes for them.  Do not destroy a piece of history by taking it to some "gun buy-back" or let yourself be ripped off because you do not know the value of what you have.  Contact me, and I will be happy to help you sell them to responsible collectors and get a fair price for them.


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